Overwhelming Support for Maidstone Woman with Rare Brain Cancer

An overwhelming response to help a 25-year-old Maidstone woman diagnosed with a rare brain cancer.

A year and a half ago, Brittney Seville started struggling with headaches and a CT scan discovered a large mass on her brain.

In June 2018, she had the tumour removed and bounced back, but on Valentine's Day of this year, she was rushed to the hospital with a life-threatening build-up of pressure on her skull.

The tumour had returned.  It was removed but complications arose and she is now fighting through serious blood and brain infections.

She is currently unable to move or breathe on her own and can only communicate with her eyes.

A GoFundMe page, set up by the couple's friends,  was set up with a goal of raising $25,000 and within two days, more than $54,000 has been raised.

Brittney's boyfriend Kyle Flood says being by Brittney's side is the greatest gift the community has given him.

"Me being here with her, keeps her positive, keeps her fighting, she knows I'm here, she can hear me, she can communicate with me and the nurses have said when I'm here, she is completed different than when I'm not, so I want to be here," he says.

The young couple has been living together since 2017 and Flood says he just wants to be by her side.

"For me to be able to spend this time with her even if it eases her mind only a little bit from this heavy situation she is in, than that is the best gift I could have gotten is being here with her," he says.

Flood, a hockey referee and an occasional teacher, says he though the $25,000 goal was far fetched in the first place.

"I figured maybe a maximum of like $5,000 would come in and that would help me for a few weeks and we can kinda see where Brittney is at from there and figured it out after," he says. "Within five hours, there was six times what I thought the maximum could ever have gotten to and it has only grown since then."

The money will be used the pay the bills and Brittney recovery.

CLICK HERE to find the GoFundMe page.