Pacifica Hybrid Hottest Seller In California

If you were impressed with the November sales spike of the Chrysler Pacifica, the hybrid version is even more impressive.

Fiat Chrysler reported an increase in Pacifica sales in November in the US of more than 50% ahead of the same month the previous year.

In Canada, there was a November increase of 141% over the same month of 2016.

Sales went from 2,300 in November last year to more than 5,500 last month.

The percentage of Pacifica Hybrids being sold is nearly four times that of the rest of the auto industry.

FCA Canada President Reid Bigland says it's a hugely popular vehicle in parts of the US.

Bigland says about one out of every 12 Pacificas sold is a hybrid.

"We're around 7 to 8% right now of the Pacificas are Hybrid," says Bigland "But we're still just getting out there.  In California it's absolutely red hot because not only do you get a California incentive, you get the federal incentive and then it opens up for all the HOV lanes."

Bigland says the ratio of Pacifica Hybrids to regular gas versions outstrips other vehicles.

"Hybrids and electric vehicles are still really only accounting for about 2% of the total industry, but it's certainly the way of the future," according to Bigland.  "It definitely positions us for a much greener future as well at FCA."

Bigland has been suggested as a likely successor when CEO Sergio Marchionne retires next year, but he defers on the subject.

"Look, I think that's just speculation.  I'm focused on FCA Canada.  Some of my US roles and international roles as well,"  says Bigland "That's a decision that's left up to Mr. Marchionne and the board."

Bigland shot down any suggestion the life span of the Windsor-built Dodge Grand Caravan is limited.

He says the vehicle continues to have tremendous value and sales "defy gravity."