Parking Problems at WFCU Centre

Windsor Mayor Drew Dilkens continues to work on a parking solution for the WFCU Centre.

Dilkens says the proposed solution is consistent with the city's 20-year plan and hopes to bring it to city council in the near future.

He says the plan will not be ready in time for the Memorial Cup but says the city is also working on ways to improve parking for the May event.

Dilkens says some changes have already been made.

"Parking at the WFCU has been a problem probably since we've opened the WFCU.  We've actually just this past year limited the number of spaces for the community rinks so we've expanded the amount of parking that's available during Spitfire games, during special events," says Dilkens.    

He says the city continues to look at ways of improving parking at the centre.

"We're trying to deal with the demand that we have in the city for parking at that site.  We're working on a solution that I think is consistent with our 20-year strategic plan, it solves a number of different issues that we see out there and actually has some positive benefits.  I hope to be able to bring that to city council in the near future," says Dilkens.    

He says his solution won't be ready in time for the Memorial Cup.

"We wouldn't be able to get the parking in in time for the Memorial Cup but we're working on a solution for that too, to be able to address the parking concerns for the Memorial Cup obviously that's our next big event," says Dilkens.     

Parking has been an ongoing issue at the WFCU Centre during Spitfires games this season.

The issue came to light this past weekend when they London Knights were in town for a nationally televised game.

A number of vehicles jumped the curb and parked on the grass illegally.

Those vehicles were ticketed.