PC Candidate Doug Ford Stops In Windsor, Promises To Cut Taxes

A stop in Windsor by one of the four candidates vying to lead the Ontario Progressive Conservative party.

Doug Ford was in the city on Sunday at the Fogular Furlan Club and spoke about the need to cut taxes and create more jobs.

Ford says he would save the province money through best practices and finding more efficiency and hold the establishment and the elites accountable.

Ford says people are frustrated. "Frustrated like I've never seen before. They're sick and tired of the government putting their hands in their pockets, whether its Kathleen Wynne, Justin Trudeau or the municipal governments, they're being taxed to death."

"We need to attract jobs by reducing red tape and giving incentives to companies," says Ford. "I would stand on the border with a big sign saying 'Ontario is open for business,' because right now Ontario isn't open for business. Businesses come up here and they have to go through regulation and red tape, the nastiest taxes, carbon taxes, it's a job killer and terrible for the people. Highest hydro rates in North America."

Ford says he wants to save the province money by holding more people accountable. "Every single buearocrat, every single MPP, all the Liberal insiders, the Liberal media. We're going to hold the establishment, the elites to account. That's how we're going to do it."

Fellow leadership candidates Christine Elliott and Caroline Mulroney also made stops in Windsor-Essex this past weekend. Tanya Granic Allen is also running to replace Patrick Brown as party leader.

PC party members have until 8 p.m. Wednesday to register to vote and until noon on Friday to cast their ballots online.

The winner will be announced March 10th.