PC Leadership Debate Stops In Windsor

The federal PC Party is just over two months away from choosing its new leader.

A number of candidates made a stop in Windsor Sunday to debate several locals issues like the auto industry, our international border and single sports betting.

Ken Tape attended the event and says he was impressed to see so many candidates come out.

"This is a very orange area and for potentially the next leader of the Conservative Party to be here in the town is something for Windsor-Essex, that they actually listened and took the time to concern themselves with the Gordie Howe Bridge, Chrysler, the automotive sector, it means a lot."

Tape says seeing the candidates in action has made his choice much harder.

"You know what? I probably had made up my mind as to who I was going to vote for and today it made it much more challenging. Some of these people in the room here, I have to take another look at."

Cyril Bagin was at the event as well and says the party has a new energy he hasn't seen in years.

"Overall, there's a very positive approach to wanting to strengthen Canada, wanting to secure Canada, wanting to create jobs in Canada. We're wanting to talk about good policy and talk about how can we improve and makes things better. So it's not trying to tear anything down, it's trying to build Canada up."

Leadership candidates Chris Alexander, Rick Peterson and Erin O'Toole made it to the debate while Andrew Scheer and Kellie Leitch sent campaign representatives.

The federal PC's choose their new party leader May 27 in Toronto.