PCs Pledge Slots At Racetracks Return

A last-minute campaign promise from the Progressive Conservatives.

The Ontario PC party says if elected tomorrow, the party will return slots to local horse racetracks.

Chatham-Kent-Leamington incumbent Rick Nicholls says his party would start immediate talks.

"We will immediately begin to work to bring back the slots at racetracks programs that's the SARP program.  And of course of interest to the people in the Essex County area is the Leamington Racetrack will definitely benefit"

Chatham-Kent-Leamington incumbent Rick Nicholls says there will be consultations before anything is done.

Nicholls says deconstructing the industry in 2012 eliminated over 20,000 jobs.

"Not just the breeders, it's not just the trainers, it's not the veterinarians.  In addition to all of that you take a look at the entire chain down the line right up to the farmer who provides hay and feed for horses.  It gutted all of that"

Nicholls thinks it would be a steady source of revenue for racetracks at the Leamington Fairgrounds and Dresden.

A member of the Lakeshore Horse Racing Association agrees.

Tom Bain tells CTV News with a share of the slot revenue, his group could offer more prize money.

Bain says it would put their association on par with other tracks.

Bain estimates as many as 2,000 jobs depend on the viability horse racing in the area.