Peche Island Boat, Money For WIFF And New BMX Park Part of Windsor Mayor's Wish List

Windsor's mayor has released his wish list for the Enhanced Capital Budget which includes a boat to Peche Island, money for the popular Windsor International Film Festival and a new BMX park.

Windsor City Council will tackle the 2018 budget next week which includes a 2.6% property tax increase.

It also includes the Enhanced Capital Budget which contains a minimum of $10-million.

Windsor City Councillors have also submitted their requests for projects in their wards.

"I have received requests from every member of city council and I have added my own ideas to that list as well and the total amount as of right now is just over $28-million in requests for funding," says Mayor Drew Dilkens. "We don't have that much money so some projects will not make the final list."

One of Mayor Dilkens's proposals would be $1-million to improve access to Peche Island.

"We are a city that owns an island," says Mayor Dilkens. "But we have no way for people to get there and enjoy one of the most beautiful parks frankly that we have in the City of Windsor. So I'm proposing that we actually get a boat that would carry 10 to 12 people and allow us bring them in the summer months to Peche Island."

Dilkens is also proposing a new mountain bike park which had to be torn down late last year because it was illegal built near the Little River Rd. entrance to the Ganatchio Trail.  A location has not been determined.

The Windsor International Film Festival has been shut out of funding in previous years and Mayor Dilkens is also hoping to provide a one-time $250,000 investment into the festival "to raise the event to the next level."

WIFF sold 20,000 tickets last year and brings thousand of people to the city core.

But ultimately, Dilkens says it is up to council to decide the direction of the budget.

"It is up to council to decide in their majority and so some of the funding for the Enhanced Capital Plan won't be known until council deals with the operating budget," he says.  "So there is  a request in the operating budget to add $1-million more a year from the operating budget to the capital budget."

Other proposals from the mayor includes markers on the Ganatchio Trial as a safety precaution and funding for themes or districts in certain areas of the city such as an Asian Village.

Budget deliberations take place on Monday and Tuesday.