Pedestrian Activated Crosswalk Coming To Walkerville

Some exciting news for Walkerville residents and businesses.

Councillor Chris Holt says the city has approved a pedestrian activated crosswalk on Wyandotte Street East at Chilver.

He says the city has looked at traffic numbers in the area and told him the crosswalk meets all necessary requirements.

Holt says residents and businesses have been fighting for a pedestrian activated crosswalk since 2011. 

"I have informed the residents association, I've informed the BIA and all the actors that have come together and lobbied and called through councillors and just shared what an important addition to Walkerville this is," says Holt.  


Photo courtesy of Google Maps

He adds he's unsure when the crosswalk will be installed.

"What I have heard is that the pieces have been ordered so I'm hoping at the earliest possible convenience," says Holt.  "Hopefully before all the summer festivals and street closures and things happen in Walkerville that would be nice."

Holt first introduced the idea to council in December 2015 but council shot his request down.

He asked council to re-consider its decision in February.

Holt says he'll be using his ward funds along with some ward funds from councillors Marra and Bortolin for the $69,000 pedestrian activated crosswalk.