Percy Hatfield Acclaimed In Windsor-Tecumseh

Percy Hatfield will be seeking a return to Queen's Park next summer.

At a nomination meeting Sunday, Hatfield was acclaimed as the NDP candidate for the Windsor-Tecumseh riding.

The former Windsor city councillor was first elected to the Provincial Legislature during a by-election in August of 2013 before being re-elected in the 2014 provincial election.

"The New Democrats have a proven track record in Windsor-Essex," says Hatfield. "The people in this area are well served by having six New Democrats, people that will stand up and fight with anybody for what they believe their community deserves. People respected what I did in my first year, they re-elected me by 17,000 votes. I hope I pay back that kind of determination."

Hatfield says he'll continue to push for the community. "I have reminded the Premier she said she wouldn't forget about Windsor and we work behind the scenes. We worked with the Health Minister on the hospital deal. We do stuff and we get things accomplished and that's through our teamwork with Taras (Natyshak), Lisa (Gretzky) and myself."

Hatfield predicts an NDP victory in the upcoming provincial election, stating the Liberal Party and Kathleen Wynne have reached their expiry date.  

Ontarians head to the polls June 7, 2018.