Permanent Home For Firefighters Memorial

A firefighter memorial will soon have a permanent home along Windsor's riverfront.

"It depicts two firefighters handling a young child that's being passed through a window," says Ward 8 city councillor Bill Marra.

The granite memorial which honours Windsor and Detroit firefighters is expected to be constructed at the northern border of the Civic Terrace near Dieppe Gardens — at Church Street, in front of the Art Gallery.


Photo courtesy of City of Windsor

The issue was first brought up in 2000 then again in 2005 and was approved Wednesday afternoon at the city's Environment, Transportation, Public Safety Standing Committee meeting.

Marra says there is no cost to the city as the monument was paid for by the Windsor Professional Fire Fighters Association.

"This is a $250,000 very large full scale granite memorial," says Marra.  "The statue that's going to be put in it's place is temporarily housed at the Children's Safety Village in Forest Glade and it's a wonderful statue."  

Marra feels the monument is a welcome addition to the water front.

"I think it will be a very popular feature as folks walk around the seven or eight kilometre water front that we have from of course all the way east from Hiram Walker, going west to the Ambassador Bridge," says Marra.     

He says the goal is to move the monument from the Children's Safety Village to river front by the end of the summer.

The issue still has to go to city council for final approval.