PET Scanner Decision Criticized

he man who will be operating the new PET CT Scanner at Windsor Regional Hospital is highly critical of the decision.

Dr. Kevin Tracey has been operating the stand-alone PET scan clinic in Windsor for the past 7 years.

He has been named as the person to head up the operation of the new provincially funded $3.5-million machine.

Dr. Tracey calls it a poor use of health care funds and believes it was a purely political decision.

He says his clinic - Precision Diagnostics Imaging - could have been upgraded for far less cost.

"Instead of upgrading our machine they've sort of pulled the rug out from under us and transferred the program to the hospital.  We had an excellent program and still have an excellent program that has been doing scanning for over 2000 patients"

He says he will do the best he can with the new facility.

"While I'm happy to assist and my goal is to assure that the patients are taken care of, this is not the best economic decision for the hospital, for the region or for the taxpayers.  It's going to cost a lot more"

He says the new scanner will be locked in one location.

"This is the technology, how it's used south of the border in particular and putting it in a structure when it's going to be under-utilized is old technology and old ways of doing things"

Dr. Tracey says he and his clinic staff were shocked when they were notified just yesterday morning.

He calls this a step back to old ways of using PET scan technology, pointing out mobile scanners like the one he now uses are what is common practice elsewhere.