Philpott Claims PM Didn't Follow Protocol

Jane Philpott is calling out Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

In the House of Commons on Tuesday, Philpott said Trudeau violated the law when he expelled her and Jody Wilson-Raybould from Liberal Caucus.

She says the Parliament of Canada Act says MPs can't be kicked out of their party groups without a vote and she claims Trudeau ejected them on his own and is asking Speaker Geoff Regan to declare that their privileges were violated.

A set of amendments in 2015 was meant to make it more difficult to remove MPs from their caucuses, to shift power away from party leaders and toward rank-and-file legislators.

Philpott says if Trudeau had followed the rules, it would have taken 90 Liberal MPs to vote to kick her and Wilson-Raybould out, and no such vote was held before Trudeau expelled them on the grounds that the caucus didn't trust them any more.


— With files from The Canadian Press