Pink Port-A Potty Launches Cancer Fundraiser

A pink port-a-potty will be popping up on front lawns of area business to raise money for cancer research.

The 'Flush Out Campaign' kicked off Monday at Canadian Engineering on South Cameron Blvd. in Windsor.

This is the fourth year for the campaign which has raised $70,000.

In previous years, the funds raised went specifically to breast cancer research but this year, a company can designate which cancer the funds will go to.

Community Fundraising Specialist at the local Canadian Cancer Society, Kelly O'Rourke says once the port-a-potty lands on a front lawn, employees pitch in.

"Different companies do it different ways, we have some bright pink bras sown into some aprons and a lot of companies the men will wear those around the plant for the day and guys will stuff the bra" says O'Rourke. 

Canadian Engineering employee Brian Hann has been battling cancer since 1996, five different times.  He says every little bit helps.

"$1,000, $5,000, $10,000-it doesn't matter, it all matters to the person who needs it, I have been through it and I have seen it and it is all for a good cause," says Hann.

Canadian Engineering has raised $10,000 in two years which includes the company owner matching the funds.

When the potty lands on a front lawn, the business can decide where it goes next.