Planning Continues For Upcoming Horse Racing Season


The Lakeshore Horse Racing Association continues to prepare for the upcoming race season.

Association member Tom Bain says he knows the season is still two months away, but says excitement is building.

He says work is being done at the Leamington Raceway and the association is trying to bring a higher quality of horse racing to the area.

Bain says being able to race until 2020 gives the association more stability to plan for this season and beyond.

"We can make some changes to the facility itself and better yet, we're able to bring in a higher quality of horses to the area and new trainers, new drivers to come in, we'll be able to put on a much better show."

He says the public will notice some differences at the race track this season.

"We're looking at doing some renovations there to the grand stand and the grounds itself, of course we have the brand new $300,000 race paddock that's there.  It's just going to be a much better set up."    

Bain adds, the association continues to expand its product.

"We've also just in fact recently added the Leamington Raceway to the horse betting game that's on the air and now have our track there.  That can be played by horse followers across the whole world."  

There are 13 race dates this season.

The first is on Sunday August 6 with post time set for 1:30pm.


Photo courtesy of @Lakeshoretrack