Plans For Duffy's Land Prompts Petition

Amherstburg Mayor Aldo DiCarlo says plans to redevelop the former Duffy's Tavern site are being well received, but there seems to be a bit of push back to that idea.

A petition with 558 signatures submitted by Kevin Sprague called on council to ensure a public boat launch with adequate parking is included in the final design.

Sprague says the town made a great move in buying the old Duffy's, but feels a key concern is being overlooked. "We keep hearing the same issue come up — parking, parking, parking, where are people going to park? While I understand that a parking lot isn't as beautiful as grass and trees, but you need parking for people to use these facilities," he says.

As it stands, the plan includes a transient marina, a fishing wharf and an amphitheatre.

Sprague feels the town needs to make the most of one of its natural advantages. "When I was a kid you got on your bike and you drove downtown and you went fishing," he says. "Fishing's fun, it's popular. The Detroit River is a world class fishery, it's in our backyard, and it's important that people have public access for this opportunity."

DiCarlo stresses there will be more opportunities for public input before a final design for the former Duffy's property is decided.

He hopes to see construction begin in early 2019, but says environmental assessments and funding are key hurdles that need to be cleared.