Plasman Group Assists Windsor Residence for Young Men

A boost for the Windsor Residence for Young Men.

Executive Director Greg Goulin says the Plasman Group has donated 10 brand new mattresses to the charitable organization.

He says they will replace 10 worn-out mattresses that are about six-years-old.

"The Plasman Group donated replacement mattresses for our facility, our residence," says Goulin.  "These replacement mattresses are very needed at our facility. They are waterproof, bug proof, specialty designed to fit in our beds that are 36 inches by 80 inches long as opposed to the standard twin."

Goulin says the mattresses are very expensive.

"I just put the word out to our supporters and said look we need some new mattresses after six-years of use and they're very expensive and it's very difficult on our present budget to obtain them," says Goulin.       

The organization supports young men between the ages of 16 to 24 and provides a transitional place to live as they leave homelessness behind them.

Goulin says on average, the group assists about 50 young men a year.