Police Ask For Public Help to Catch Dangerous Drivers

Provincial Police are asking for the public's help to nab distracted drivers.

The latest stats show that distracted driving is responsible for nearly double the number of fatal crashes than impaired driving.

Inspector Lisa Anderson says police can only cover so much territory and it's up to everyone to keep the roads safe. "If we see somebody that's driving and is distracted, that's on their cellphone, that's impaired, that's aggressive driving, commercial motor vehicles driving too closely on the highway. All of this we ask for people to call and notify the police of jurisdiction to actually try to engage and do something about these behaviours at the time."

"Drunk driving and driving without a seatbelt already have a stigma attached to them and that's something that needs to happen with other reckless driving habits," says Anderson. "Electronic devices and technology are something that's fairly newly introduced. It will only be a matter of time until people start to realize the devastation and the tragedy that happen on our roadways because of distracted driving."

Anderson says anyone who witnesses any unsafe driving behaviour should call 9-1-1.