Police Investigate Threat At WJ Langlois School

Parents at WJ Langlois Catholic Elementary School can expect a police presence tomorrow morning.

Threats of violence and racial slurs scribbled in chalk on the back wall of the school located near Jefferson Blvd. and the EC Row Expwy. saw Windsor police called in to investigate today.

Spokesperson for the Windsor-Essex Catholic District School Board, Steve Fields, says the threat isn't seen as credible at the moment, but they're erring on the side of caution.

"Obviously it's very disturbing whenever you get any kind of threat made like that," says Fields. "Today's world, we take a look around at some of the things that have happened, you have to take every threat that you get very, very seriously — and we do."

Fields says school officials are working with police on the matter and while they're taking the threat seriously, a breakout of violence isn't expected.

"Based off what was said in the message and based on some of the history that the principal knows there, suffice it to say that he's fairly confident that the information based on what was there would lead him to believe that there isn't a real credible threat," says Fields. "I wouldn't want to say anything that might compromise the investigation."

Fields adds the police presence won't be overbearing.

"I wouldn't suggest that there's going to be a heavily armed presence at the school or anything like that, but we will have a constable there and we'll just be making sure the students are arriving safely," says Fields.

Fields adds recordings have been sent home to parents notifying them of the threat.