Police Oppose Eliminating Front Licence Plate: OACP

The Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police is raising concerns over a possible plan by the Ontario PC government to get rid of front licence plates.

The province believes it will save money but the association believes it will hinder investigations and identifying suspect vehicles.

Association Executive Director Jeff McGuire says the financial savings will not outweigh the issues that will arise for police investigating a crime.

He says you don't have to look far to see how well the front licence plate can work in solving crimes.

"Virtually every successful Amber Alert, and there have been several recently here, right across North America and the world where there are Amber Alerts, they are successful because of license plates," he says.

McGuire says it will take away 50% of the opportunity for vehicles to be identified.

"Vehicles are used in all the major crimes virtually that we hear about, the shootings, the gang activity, abductions those types of things, right down to the simple type of crimes," adds McGuire.

Premier Doug Ford's office says the idea is under review and no decisions have been made.