Police Search for Suspect in East-Windsor Robbery

Police are on the look for a man involved in an armed robbery in east-Windsor.

Officers were called to a convenience store on the corner of Wyandotte St. E. and Isabelle St. around 9:30am Saturday.

Employee Sal Joba tells CTV Windsor a man walked in and showed him a large knife before running away with a carton of cigarettes.

"He was inside and he showed me the knife and outside the same thing," he says. "I was far away from him, it was not close to me, I was talking to him and said come back, please pay or I will call the police. He said, ‘I will kill you.' I said I apologize, go."

Windsor Police Service have yet to release a discription of the suspect.

No one was injured.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Windsor police or Crime Stoppers anonymously.