Positive Enrolment Trend At UWindsor

The University of Windsor campus is a bit busier this year.

Enrolment is up more than 450 students this year compared to last year. The enrolment bump includes more international students and more domestic first-year students for the first time in a long time.

University of Windsor President Alan Wildeman says it's hard to remember the last time the campus saw an increase in first-year domestic students.

"This is the first time in years."

Wildeman credits the university's program offerings and facilities as well as its outreach on social media.

"It's nice to know that people want to come to the University of Windsor and we want to continue to do what we can to provide a great and attractive opportunity," says Wildeman. "There was a decline with demographics and things like that, maybe that's plateaued again. We've also been much more active on social media and the whole outreach and we've been really talking much more positively about the value of coming to the university to study."


AM800 file photo of University of Windsor President Dr. Alan Wildeman. May 2016

Wildeman says while there has been plenty done to attract new students, there isn't a special focus on international students.

"It isn't so much that we've gone out specifically targeting it, we just offer a lot of programs that are attractive to international students — particularly on the graduate side; some of the programs that we have that are course based professional masters programs in engineering, business, we're starting new ones in science, computer science, education."

The total student population at the university has now hit about 15,800, including about 1,800 part-time students.