Possible Changes Coming To Kingsville's Dog Park

A Kingsville councillor wants to know how much it would cost to put screening around the fence of the town's dog park.

Thomas Neufeld says he has heard from residents saying the dog park looks too "industrial."

He says he will file a notice of motion at Tuesday night's council meeting, asking administration to prepare a report outling the costs to screen the fenced area.

Neufeld believes landscaping the area is the most cost effective way to screen the area.

"Right now we're just looking for what it would cost to implement a screening whether it's a boarded fence or live landscaping, cedar trees," he explains. "There is a chain link fence there now, this is around the dog park and some residents think that it's a little bit industrial looking."

"I'm just interested in what it would cost the taxpayer and if there are going to be any issues created with the screening, safety is one of the main concerns that I'm looking at." 

Neufeld says he's in favour of some landscaping around the fenced area.

"Cedars grow fairly quickly and it will make a nice fence row but again looking at the safety aspect, when you can't see in, people can't see out.  I don't know if that would be a safety concern or not for people using the dog park."

The town opened its first dog park last November at Linden Beach.

The dog park is located at the corner of Malo and Conservation Blvd and is open daily from dawn to dusk.