Posting To Social Media Is Not Notifying Police: Windsor Police

Windsor police are warning people that posting incidents on social media is not alerting police.

It follows an investigation on Thursday, September 27 after a woman was approached on Dougall Avenue by people in a vehicle around 5:15am who called out to her 'come here.'  

She ran away and reported the incident to police.

Since then, there have been several recent posts on social media about possible attempted abductions but police have not been called.

"There have been and it has been brought to our attention that there was quite a few different posts on social media making reference to possible abduction scenarios and the police have not been notified about those calls," says Sergeant Steve Betteridge on AM800's the Morning Drive.

Betteridge says social media is a fantastic tool but unless someone contacts police directly, an investigation can not be launched.

"Merely posting something on social media, that does not constitute notifying the police."

--With files from AM800's Teresinha Medeiros