Potential Changes In Store for Students at Vincent Massey Secondary School

A major change could be on the way for students at Vincent Massey Secondary School in south Windsor.

The school is undergoing a review of its class schedule.

Right now the school offers a moduflex schedule which includes full year and semestered classes.

But school officials are considering changing to only semestered classes starting this fall.

Two parent information sessions were held the past two days attracting roughly 100 people to discuss the proposed schedule change.

Brian Kukhta's son is in Grade 10.

He attended the meeting to speak out against the proposed change.

Kuhkta says the school offers the best of both worlds for students.

"My fear is that the decision already made and all this is just to appease us," says Kuhkta.  "Why are the parents being involved in this decision so late in the process."   

Linda Qin is the the trustee for the school and ward.

She says she has heard from many concerned parents and students.

"I feel it's kind of rushed," says Qin.  "The whole process."

Parent Council Chair Jodi Gereige says she's hearing from both sides.

"Parents are really afraid of change," says Gereige.  "They really like the system because that's what Massey has really stood behind but I really really do think that the nurturing that the teachers do, they do a great job with providing that and either way we're going to really see the school continue to succeed."

Right now, full year courses represent 27% of the courses being offered at the school. 

Full year classes are 38 minutes while semestered classes are 80 minutes for a half a year.

Students, staff and parents will vote on the purposed change later this month but their vote will only be used for consideration.

The decision will be made by the board's superintendents and the Director of Education.

There are roughly 2200 students at the school and 140 teachers.

AM800 news has learned that someone graffitied "Moduflex" on the school early Wednesday morning

It has since been removed but was the graffiti was posted on a Moduflex for Massey Instagram page.


Monuflex graffiti is seen at Vincent Massey Secondary School on Wednesday March 6, 2019 (Photo courtesy of Moduflex for Massey Instagram page)