Prime Minister Not Afraid To Bring American Investments Into Canada

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says supporting Ford's investment in Canada isn't going to start off a battle with the US.

The Trump administration has promised border taxes for companies building out-of-country and sending products back stateside.

Roughly $1.2-billion-dollars of investment in Canada was announced on Thursday, including $600-million in Windsor.

Trudeau told AM800's The Afternoon News, he spoke with Joe Hinrichs,President of the Americas for Ford Motor Company, and was told that automakers are not worried about investing in Canada, despite the tough talk from Trump.

"He was saying, 'Look, we are making investments in the US but we are comfortable with the integrated nature of the Canada and the US economies,'" says Trudeau. "This is not going to raise significant fears for American legislators or the American President."

Trudeau says the investment is a sign of strong American-Canadian partnerships.

"This is truly demonstrating advantages for an American company, for American workers as well as Canadian workers," says Trudeau. "The fact that we get along so well as countries really shows that we can have win win situations and that is something that the President and I can agree on."

The investment in WIndsor is expected secure work at the plant for years to come.