Prize Increase for Horse Racing in Leamington

More money is now up for grabs for horse racers in Leamington this season.

First prize for is up $9,000 for a total of $44,000 in purse money every race day beginning Aug. 4. The increase comes after the Lakeshore Horse Racing Association reluctantly signed a two-year contract with Ontario Horse Racing in April, wanting more than they got out of the deal.

Tom Bain tells AM800 News the current increase is still a win. The Lakeshore Horseracing Association Executive says more money will draw in high calibre racers.

"It will be beneficial for everyone involved. For all those who come out to see a good day of harness racing," he says. "A better calibre of racing and also continue with our program of having something for the all ages out there."

Bain says the money that comes with the two year contract will add stability to the industry in the region.

"Certainly pleased to be able to have that increase in purse money to keep harness racing going and to keep jobs locally here in Essex County," says Bain.

The 13 race series in Leamington begins in the first Sunday in August.