Pro Pot Festival Underway In Windsor's Downtown

A day-long celebration of marijuana is underway at Charles Clark Square.

The "Epic 4-20" festival involves several vendors of pot-related items, supporters of legalized marijuana as well as food and drink.

"Marla" has a license to consume medical marijuana and says it has helped with her symptoms:  "a lot of people here are disabled in some way whatever it may be and it helps them dealing with their lives some people, cancer patients that don't eat, it helps them get an appetite"


"Marla" at the Epic 4-20 Festival in Windsor (photo by AM800's Peter Langille)

Jackie Rivest is launching a business - Canna Wings - to take medical marijuana and incorporates it into various products like creams and food items: "people who are sick don't have the time to do the things they need to do with their marijuana.  Not everyone likes to smoke, not everyone can smoke.  If you get sick and you're on chemo your throat is rampant and you can't do it so I'm basically walking in that gray area"

Festival organizer Leo Lucier has spoken with Windsor Police about how they'll deal with the event: "yes, I've had quite a few conversations with the police and they're going to watch from a distance they're not threatening us they're going to let us have our day as is our charter right"

Lucier says the festival continues until 9 tonight and there's no charge to attend, but you must be over 18.

They are asking people to bring a canned item which will be donated to the local food banks.