Program Aims To Show Patients There's 'Life Beyond Cancer'

The Erie St. Clair Regional Cancer Program is offering its "RENEW" program to show patience there is life after cancer.

Christina Stergiou is the manager of psycho-social oncology and education at the Windsor Regional Cancer Centre — she says Resources, Education, Nutrition, Exercise, and Wellness, are the key topics covered by "RENEW."

"It's an opportunity for them to look at their next phase of survivorship, and it's an opportunity to provide them with practical information about that next phase, and to link them with community supports," she says. "We provide a lecture based series of five topics. One topic per-week for the series of five weeks that speak to key areas that patients are often very interested in."

Patients who have completed active cancer treatment are encouraged to participate in the five week program beginning Sept. 21.

Stergiou told AM800's Patty Handysides the sessions are free on The Afternoon News.

The program explores long-term physical and emotional effects of the disease with patience, according to Stergiou.

"Things they can expect, what's normal, and when they should connect with their care provider," says Stergiou. "Things like emotional and psychological concerns that may surface, like fear of reoccurrence, reaffirming and validating that it is indeed normal."

The educational programs are open to family members and caregivers — an eight-week exercise program is held at Windsor Squash and Fitness.

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— with files from AM800's Patty Handysides.