Propose Route Changes for Transit Windsor


Transit Windsor riders can expect changes in the near future.

A service delivery review looking at the overall transit system is underway.

Executive Director Pat Delmore says the review outlines proposed route changes, adding new routes, re-branding, doubling service and adding more buses to the fleet.

He says transit currently has 13 routes and the plan is to expand.

"The proposed plan has 26," says Delmore. "We're looking at doubling the hours of service over the 10-year span.  We're looking at direct service from various areas of the city that may take you for example to Devonshire Mall or direct to St. Clair College or the University of Windsor."

The "More Than Transit" review is now in phase two and more public feedback is needed as part of an online survey.

"The proposed on there on this interactive map and residents can simply click on certain area or a certain route and provide their comments right there," says Delmore.  "The comments are there for the entire community to see so it's not just a comment you or I would be sharing but you're seeing all of the comments and it's such a great way to bring the whole community together."

The public has until July 12th to share their thoughts before the final plan is presented to city council this fall.

If approved, Delmore says the plan will take eight to 10 years to implement.

"We see some very early wins that we can implement with not a lot of costs, start to build that ridership so that when you recognize yes we need more investment but we'll also be attracting more riders. We'll be getting more revenue, we'll be getting more gas tax dollars," he says.

CLICK HERE to find a link to the survey.