Protest At Downtown Timmy's Aimed At Minimum Wage Clawbacks

A protest in freezing drizzle this morning is aimed at sending a message about companies that claw back minimum wage increases.

The Tim Horton's at Park and Goyeau was the site because of the action of some franchisees.

Workers at franchises owned by heirs to the Tim Horton's corporation reduced benefits and break times to their staff.

The Windsor and District Labour Council put together the protest here, mirrored in several other locations across Ontario.

Council Vice President Terry Weymouth says businesses have already been given a break.


Windsor and District Labour Council Vice President Terry Weymouth (by AM800's Peter Langille)

"Companies have been given corporate tax relief with this impending happening." explains Weymouth  "It's only January 10th yet we are hearing things about people being let go because of this new increase in costs, we see things being raised"

Weymouth says clawing back improvements from minimum wage earners is wrong.

"We need to make sure we're not taking this out on these most vulnerable people that actually their wages that they're now increasing," says Weymouth "It's been proven they're just going to turn around and spend it right back in the establishments, so nobody's even considered the new customers and new income new input coming in"

She says corporations like Tim Hortons are reacting before knowing the true impact.

"We don't have those numbers yet," says Weymouth "And yet we see huge repercussions from just this being implemented and this has got to stop and our message is enough, this has got to be fair"

Weymouth makes it clear this is strictly an information protest and there's no plan to call for a boycott.