Protest Planned For Windsor Calling For Electoral Reform

A march is planned for this weekend in Windsor to protest a federal Liberal broken promise.

A group in Windsor is disappointed that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has withdrawn his promise for electoral reform.

"Politicians break their promises all the time, yes, but that was one of his main campaign promises that is not something that we feel should be easily backed out of," says protest organizer Shannon Veroszlinden.

She says the current system gives more influence and power to the main parties and she wants to see more voices in Ottawa.

Demonstrations have taken place in over 30 cities across Canada.

Veroszlinden says the issue is worth exploring.

"We just want any ideas brought to the table, something that all of us Canadians can try to agree upon and change things from the way they are right now in the established political system, we just want change," says Veroszlinden.

Canada currently uses a first-past-the-post electoral system.

The protest will begin at Jackson Park on Sunday at noon, followed by a march to Brian Masse's office on Ouellette Avenue for speeches.