Province Helps Make Local Pharmacies A Harder Target

Some help from the province will go to making pharmacies in this region more difficult to rob.

The region is getting nearly $84,867 from the Ministry of Community Safety for a Proceeds of Crime Front-line Policing Grant.

It includes a partnership of Windsor Police Service, the Essex County Pharmacists Association, the OPP and police in Lasalle and Amherstburg.

There are nearly 150 pharmacists across the region of which 100 are in Windsor.

WPS Spokesperson Sargeant Steve Betteridge says they'll being be finding out what issues each pharmacy faces.

"Step one is reaching out to the pharmacies by way of a questionnaire and we've got a personal approach the questionnaires are being hand delivered by personnel from the involved partnering police agencies"

Betteridge says that survey is critical to understand what changes are needed.

"We need to get directly from them what their concerns are, what their issues are so we can move forward positive techniques that will address the problems at hand)

He says after the survey, police will look at what can be done to prevent crimes.

"How things are physically set up at the store, what the lighting is like outside the store surveillance systems, where they're, where the camera's pointed all the way down to the detail of of the angle of a surveillance camera can be crucial"

Sgt. Betteridge says the funds have not been allocated yet, so once they understand what is needed they can look at the best way to use the money.

He says the number of pharmacy robberies has been consistent for several years and they want to bring that down.