Province Promises Funding For Mental Health Services 

The province is promising to provide additional funding and faster access to mental health services. 

Ontario will be investing $140 million over three years, with an additional $50-million annually towards mental health care. 

Health Minister Eric Hoskins says Ontarians can look forward to more access to psychotherapy, which will help people deal with anxiety and depression.

Dr. Mary Broga is the Executive Director for Child & Youth Mental Health for Windsor-Essex.  She told AM800's The Afternoon News the funding will provide much needed relief for thousands of Ontarians. 

"I think for the province it is really a step forward and I think that for sure people that are living with mental health issues in Windsor-Essex really stand to profit from this," says Broga. "It has been a long anticipated announcement. I know the Minister of Health has been listening to the advice that has been given by the advisory council on mental health and addiction. In times of where the Government is looking to cutting back, to make this investment in mental health and addiction is really welcome. I think that really does open up the system and we are heading on the right track. Especially when it comes to providing psychotherapy for those that really require that service."

The Province has also promised to add up to 1,150 additional supportive housing units for people with mental illnesses and nine more youth hubs for people 12-25 years old.