Province To Review And Assess Highway 3 In Essex County

The province is going to look into the condition of Highway 3 in Essex County after it buckled twice in less than two months.

Ministry of Transportation Communications Co-ordinator Liane Fisher Bloxam tells AM800 News, 'the ministry will review and assess the condition of the joints on this section of Highway 3 to ensure they are functioning as designed.'

She points out this portion of the highway was in good condition before the recent extreme heat.

The roadway between Malden Rd. and Ellis Side Rd. buckled Sunday afternoon.  

Crews were able to make repairs by early Monday morning and were able to re-open the highway within about 10 hours of the damage.

A similar problem occurred at the end of May.

Bloxam says concrete pavements are constructed with joints filled with rubberized sealant to allow the concrete to expand.

However, 'under extreme high temperatures and humidity the expansion force may cause the concrete to buckle.'