Province to Review Issues with Pelee Island Ferry Service


The Ministry of Transportation says a full review will be carried out over the issues with ferry service to Pelee Island on the Canada Day weekend. 

As heard first on AM800 News on the weekend, both the Pelee Islander II and the Jiimaan ran into trouble, leaving some passengers stranded on Lake Erie for more than four hours. 

Fish flies clogged the cooling system for the Pelee Islander II on Sunday, leading to engine problems. The new $40-million ferry was taken out of service at which point the Jiimaan was called into action. 

But it too ran into its own engine issues and forced the Owen Sound Transportation Company to use a third vessel, the smaller Pelee Islander, into service. 

The company did supply food and drink to the passengers who were stranded on the ferry on Lake Erie. 

The Pelee Islander II was able to resume service Monday evening.

In an email to AM800 News, a spokesperson for the MTO says "a full review will be carried out" and will result in "new preventative maintenance protocols" to reduce the likelihood of future similar disruptions.