Provincial Cycling Funding Program Cancelled

The cancellation of the province's Cap and Trade program has also put the brakes on some cycling infrastructure projects in Windsor.

The Ontario Municipal Commuter Cycling Fund received money from the Cap and Trade Program, but with its cancellation, the funding to the cycling program has also stopped.

Windsor received $1.7-million from the fund back in December 2017.

Executive Director of Operations Dwayne Dawson says the city has been told the funding received back in December remains in place, but any future funding is now in question.

"Obviously the more money we have through the grants and through the help of the government allows us to put more infrastructure in place, the city does have a base budget that we put forward each year toward cycling infrastructure," says Dawson.

11 projects were approved and will move forward according to Dawson. "There was grants for Rhodes Dr. cycling, on Pillette, Seminole, a variety and the connection to the future bridge, through the Herb Gray Parkway," he says.

The projects that have been approved must be completed by December 2020.