Public Asked To Select Final Design For New Leamington Skatepark

Leamington is looking for feedback on the plans for a future skatepark.

Three designs have been laid out and Mayor John Paterson says the town wants to hear from park users on which would work best.

An open house is planned for this evening from 6pm to 8pm at the Leamington Kinsmen Recreation Complex.

Paterson says they're open to hearing any suggestions.

"We are inviting the end users of the product to come out and give their final say on what they'd like to see in the design," says Paterson. "We want to make sure that we're including those effects that the kids, kids could be any where from Grade 4 up to my age I suppose, we want to make sure that we're giving them what we can within our budget."


An overhead look at the site for the new Leamington skate park on Seacliff Dr. (Photo courtesy the Municipality of Leamington)

Council has approved $370,000 for the design and build of the new park which will be located on Seacliff Dr. next to the Kinsmen Baseball Diamonds.

Paterson says it's important the park users get what they want.

"This meeting we're doing, so that they make sure that they're covering as many things as possible because it's going to be poured concrete and it's going to be dug into the ground.  So it's not something you're going to be able to change any time soon," he says. I kind of want to get it right the first time."

The project is expected to be completed by the end of November.