Public Board Expands English As Second Language Program

The Greater Essex County District School Board is expanding its 'English as a Second Language' program.

A review of the program has found a need to have a central location and Kennedy Collegiate Institute has been chosen.

Currently, Westview Freedom Academy serves the west end E.S.L. program while Herman Secondary serves the eastend.

Kennedy Principal Josh Canty says this is a result of the changing demographics in Windsor.

"We needed something central and that was the findings of this review and so Kennedy is optimal place to provide that opportunity for inclusion for our E.S.L. learners centrally."

Canty says the new program will begin in September 2019.

"What we are doing now is providing our staff with PD, in terms of professional development, to learn what is going to be happening because this will affect all of our classes in that one of the key factors is that we are going to have our E.S.L. students come in and be integrated into the greater school."

He says some students at Westview will move over to Kennedy.

"We have to wait to get a little bit closer to June to figure out where those students are because we are always moving in terms of their advocacy in English, with their ability to speak English and so they might move levels, some of them might by the time June comes up moving out of the ESL program completely."

The board currently has 260 students in the E.S.L. program at Westview Freedom Academy.