Public Board Trustee Calling For Defibrillators In Schools

Public schools in Windsor-Essex currently don't have defibrillators on site, but one trustee is looking to change that.

Ron LeClair says the machines have proven to be lifesavers in other public places like arenas and shopping centres — even Caesars Windsor.

He says it adds another layer of protection for the public.

"The more defibrillators that are in public spaces the higher the success rate will be for saves for coronary incidences," says LeClair. "Not only do the schools host a large number of people, both adults and children, on a daily basis, but we also use those facilities for athletics in the after hours."

LeClair says stats show a higher success rate for coronary incidences when a defibrillator is nearby and he's hoping budgetary pressures don't get in the way.

"I asked the question about whether or not we have a strategy about putting them in. Hopefully we'll come up with something. Finding and earmarking money that might save a life will be invaluable to our community. So whether we do it through a community partnership or we can do it ourselves, I'd just like to see it get done."

The public board has agreed to look into a plan to bringing defibrillators into schools.

LeClair says he's hoping that plan is included in upcoming budget discussions.