Public Meeting Held For New West-Windsor Bus Terminal

The public got a chance to chime in on a new Transit Windsor Bus Terminal Thursday night.

Transit Windsor has to move its current west-Windsor terminal on College Ave. to make way for the new Sandwich Community Health Centre — the property will likely become a parking lot for the renovated facility on the site of the College Community Centre.

Planning Manager Steve Habrun says around 40-people made their way through and gave mixed reviews on the proposed Hotel-Dieu Grace Healthcare site.

"Feedback's been mixed; we have some concerns from area residents on potential noise and idling buses, but it's been a mix, we've heard a lot of positive," he says.

Habrun tells AM800 News some residents praised what could be a safer bus-terminal — the College Ave. stop sees minimal foot traffic.

"It's more visible, you're on a hospital site so they have security as well," says Habrun. "It is a more visible safer location."

He says several stops were considered, but the hospital is the best fit.

"We've looked at other locations already but it comes down to who's willing to talk to us," he says. "Right now we found a partner in Hotel-Dieu Grace Healthcare who is interested and excited about so we're going to see where things go with them."

Habrun says the project could cost up to $750,000 and likely wouldn't begin until 2019.

It will be located on the north-east corner of the property near Prince Rd.


Site of a proposed west-Windsor bus terminal at Hotel-Dieu Grace Healthcare on the corner of Prince Rd. and Glenfield St. on Thursday March 8, 2018. (Photo by AM800's Gord Bacon)