Public School Board Budget Sees Money To Fix Aging Schools

The Greater Essex County District School Board is getting a boost in Ministry funding to fix its aging schools.

Work has started on the 2017-18 budget and $20.6-million will be used for 'high and urgent' needs.

Director of Education Erin Kelly says there's no question the money is needed.

"We're pleased that the province is committed to school renewal investments for us. Obviously that's a high need for us and so we're pleased that we have the continued investment to improving our buildings. We do have an older inventory of buildings which, of course, brings renewal needs. We would like to have a greater amount of money, but we're pleased with what we're getting."


Public school board discusses its 2017-18 budget (Photo by AM800's Zander Broeckel)

Kelly says the board is getting an additional $5-million for greenhouse gas reduction as well.

"Our board is very committed to being environmentally responsible and to eco-schools programs that we have. So this will assist in providing us for being more efficient within our system around things in our facilities. So we're happy about that. It's good news and it's environmentally responsible and a good thing for the planet."

The public school board expects to have its budget finalized by mid-June.