Push Continues For Median Barriers On Highway 401

The group "Build the Barrier" has renewed calls for concrete median barriers along Highway 401 between Tilbury and London. Group founder Alysson Storey wants the new provincial government to make the barriers an an immediate priority.

She says lives are at risk unnecessarily. "It just makes my blood run cold because I received one of those phone calls from a friend when we lost someone in a collision not too far from here on Highway 401," says Storey.  "It's just terrifying to think that we're just going into the busy season of the summer and this highway is still in a very dangerous state."

Storey says it boggles the mind that concrete median barriers were not included in road work that started last year between Chatham and London. "These are not cheap projects. These are multi, multi-million-dollar projects with a huge amount of infrastructure, a huge amount of construction that needs to be done and complete.  Why would you not do it at the same time?  You know it needs to be done, let's get it done, let's not waste anymore time and put anymore lives at risk."       

Storey plans to pressure Ontario's newly-elected Conservative government to take immediate action.

There were two collissons within an hour of each other yesterday on the highway in Chatham-Kent. Both involved transport trucks but only minor injuries are reported.