Rabbi Expresses Concern Over Rock Thrown Into Jewish Restaurant

A Windsor Rabbi is concerned the recent vandalization of a Jewish restaurant may have been an act of hate.

At around 3am on Friday, a melon-sized rock was thrown through the window of Mazal Tov Kosher Cuisine on Ouellette Ave. Nobody was in the restaurant at the time.

Rabi Sholom Galperin is friend of the restaurant owner and says she won't be scared off.

"She is not going to allow this to stop her daily life because that should not stop anyone," says Galperin. "I believe that is the concept of fear and that is not how we are going to run our lives. She is worried but she is assured by the police and everyone that they are doing whatever they can to find this individual." 

Galperin is concerned the restaurant was vandalized because it served Jewish food.

"You know Windsor has always had a great relationship with the Jewish community and other communities as well such as the Christians and Muslims," says Galperin. "We have always had a good working relationship and hopefully we will continue and we will come together stronger and fight this evil that really has no place in our city and in our country as Canadians."

Windsor police are investigating the incident.