Raccoons In Central Windsor

A Windsor woman feels her neighbourhood is being taken over by raccoons.

Lori Balint lives on Albert Road just one block from Tecumseh Road East.

She says for the past four weeks, raccoons can be seen all over the neighbourhood.

Balint says there was a family of five living in the neighbourhood last year but disappeared near Christmas.

She says the raccoons are marking their spots.

"It's getting quite ridiculous," says Balint.  "There's poops all over the place from these raccoons."

Balint says her husky was recently bit in her backyard and her cat is afraid.

"They get my cat so upset and when he see them out there, he starts spraying all in my house and he's even fixed but he gets so upset when he see these things," says Balint.  "They're eating my plants and I just planted a garden.  It's just unbelievable."

Balint says she called 311 and was told call an animal trapper.

She says some trappers have come to her home and want to charge her $500 per raccoon.

Balint has lived in the area for three years.