Ramsey Hopes Aid Packages Help Canadians During Trade War

Essex M-P Tracy Ramsey welcomes a financial aid package from the federal government for Canada's steel and aluminum sectors following tariffs imposed by the U-S.

"For working people that rely on the steel and aluminum sector and these new tariffs, it's very critical that they understand that the government providing them with some type of support," she says. "We also recognized that this isn't the end of this journey that we're starting on, it's going to be very long and very costly for people, for their jobs certainly and for businesses."

She says a threatened auto tariff would be "very dire" for Windsor-Essex.

"160,000 automotive jobs could be lost if that tariff is brought on, that's one in five auto workers in Canada," says Ramsey. "We know we have such a high concentration of auto sector down here that it would be a very dire time for Windsor-Essex."

Canada's retaliatory tariffs worth $16.6-billion went into effect on July 1st.

--With files from AM800's Gord Bacon and Paul McDonald