Realtor Fills Food Bank Shelves at Downtown Mission


A Windsor realtor is filling the shelves, not of homes, but at a local food bank.

Rick Rose of Keller Williams Real Estate donated $2,700 worth of food to the Downtown Mission on Ouellette Ave. Wednesday morning.

Three vehicles full of pancake mix, flour, sugar, peanut butter, soups and canned vegetables were donated.

"I feel very blessed to be in the position that I'm in," he says.  "It is just a little way of giving back."

He says his assistant requested a list of items that were most needed at the Downtown Mission and he tried to fulfill that list.

He adds Christmas isn't the only time to give.

"It is like getting a hair cut, you get a hair cut when it is necessary and you need it," he says. "It is not just at Christmas people need things, it is all year long, so the summer time the winter time, I don't see it as a time year in the year, I see it as people need help."

Rose also made a donation to Street Help back in April.  

He plans to make another donation of school supplies in September, along with another donation at Thanksgiving and at Christmas.