Record Breaking Temperatures For News Year's Eve and New Year's Day

2017 went out with a bang, but 2018 came in with a bang too temperature-wise in Windsor-Essex.

The average temperature on both days was record breaking.

On New Years Eve the average temperature hit -14.6C, breaking the previous record set back in 1976. That was followed by an average temperature on Monday, January 1, 2018 of -15.8C, which also broke the previous record set back in 1969.

Environment Canada Senior Climatologist David Phillips says it wasn't just your imagination.

"For two days in a row, broke all kinds of records and so people weren't just complaining about it needlessly, they have some numbers to back up that misery," he says.

Phillips says December was also snowier and colder than normal.

"You had almost 60cm of snow, more than double what you normally would get, you get normally about 29cm of snow, you can see more than double what you would normally get."

The average temperature last month was -3.5C, when the normal temperature should be -1.2C.

"It has been a good old fashion kind of a December, overall," says Phillips. "You have had 15 days with measured snow, normally you have just 10 days, so it snowed often and it snowed hard."

Phillips says the colder than normal temperatures will stick around for the rest of the week, but there is a bit of a warm-up on the weekend with highs in the minus single digits.