Record Flu Season Winding Down At Windsor Regional Hospital

The President and CEO of Windsor Regional Hospital is crediting the staff for doing a great job in handling one of the worst influenza seasons in decades.

David Musyj says during the heaviest months both the Ouellette and Met campuses were running at above 100% capacity.

But Musyj says staff were well prepared. "The staff did an amazing job in preparation for it, where we were able to, even though we saw historic volumes of people coming to the emergency department and being admitted to the floors, the way the staff handled it was fantastic."

"It was a learning experience for staff," says Musyj. "Hopefully next season is nowhere near this and we get a reprieve. Historically it kind of goes in those trends, so we'll see. But definitely the staff and what they did, the team and how they dealt with it this year being prepared and being ready and being able to pull the patients from the emergency department, it really made a huge difference."

Musyj adds, in December, January and February, the hospital admitted close to 350 more flu-related patients compared to the same three months last year.