Record Setting Day At Leamington Raceway

A record-setting opening day at the Leamington Fair Raceway.

Betting on Sunday was close to $40,000, a record for opening day, and the second highest figure in the raceway's history.

Essex County Warden Tom Bain is part of the Lakeshore Horse Racing Association and says it was a great start to the season...

"It was a huge crowd out for opening day. Went over our goal as far as betting went," he says. "Really very pleased to see that amount that was bet and also the huge crowd that attended."

Bain says Leamington Fair Raceway is the highest live betting track in the province...

"For our meet last year we averaged $28,000 over the 13 days of racing. Being close to $40,000 with opening day that certainly puts us in an excellent starting position."

Bain hopes the strong opening day sends a message to Toronto that horse racing in Essex County is alive and well, and that they would really like to expand in the future.

Race days are planned over the next 12 Sundays at the raceway.