Record-Setting Weather For Windsor-Essex

February is being called a "wild weather ride" in Windsor-Essex.

Environment Canada Senior Climatologist David Phillips says it was a month with " two personalities," with the first half of the month like winter and the rest like spring.

"There was a huge amount of precipitation during the month," says Phillips. "46 cm of snow, twice the number of freezing days than melting days.  Then the second half had no snow virtually, a trace of snow, but 71 mm of rain and one freeze day and 13 melt days."

Phillips says five records were broken last month. "On the 19th and 20th, so back-to-back, record rainfalls. 15 mm one day and 27mm the next.  And we also had a snowfall record. We had back on the 9th we had 18 cm of snow.

Phillips says March may have come in like a Lion, but their projection for the three spring months is for milder than normal temperatures.

However, he cautions that about 20% of the winter snow for Windsor-Essex comes after March first.